About Kris Price

Kris Price is a Husband, Network Engineer, and dear friend to many.  This website is dedicated to Kris Price and his journey with Post-infectious immune mediated progressive inflammatory polyneuropathy. Autonomic polyneuropathy. Adrenergic POTS. Dysautonomia.

Kris was a vibrant guy full of dreams for his future and the world.  He loved to travel and did so as often as he could.  He was passionate about computer science, maps, and urban planning.  He is now often unable to stand for weeks, often bedridden, suffering painful to downright agonizing neurological symptoms that effect all aspects of his life, requiring full-time home care by his wife.

How did this all happen to a guy who hiked mountains, did over 80 scuba dives, and rode his bike 20 miles to and from work?

A mononucleosis infection in March of 2017.